Here's what some of are customers are saying...

The party was AWESOME. I've already emailed all my girlfriends and told them about it. We're planning on having another one at my place. My boyfriend is really looking forward to seeing the special surprises. Definitely fun, REALLY informative, and an overall great time. ~Jessica

Christy's pole party was awesome! I had never even been to one but decided to have one for my cousin's bachelorette party, I thought it could be something fun and different to try. Everyone ended up having a GREAT time (even the shy ones). She had great moves to show us and a great selection of music to get our sexy on:) I think most of us left the party wanting to get a pole of our own!! ~Jennifer

Best time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! ~Aissa

We had so much fun and I'm definitely gonna do this again. You were awesome. Thanks. ~Stephanie

We had a great time, it was fun, and thanks!! We will let our other friends around FL know about you!!! ~Purvi

It was so much fun - I wish that we had more time!! ~Stephanie

Christy- Holy %@#$%!!! Last night was soooo fun. We are still talking about it. Thank you so much. ~Vera